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Sandi Coyne-Gilbert
Program Director, Master of Science in Organizational Leadership
School of Business/Technology and Advanced Manufacturing
Management and Leadership, MSOL
Office Location
Pent Road
Courses Taught
Marketing Courses from Foundations to Marketing Research
Leadership classes from introduction to capstone
Management from Foundations to Capstone
Business Plan Construction and Execution
Entrepreneurial thinking
Storytelling as a communication form
Nonprofit Management and Leadership
Nonprofit Board Development
Economics and Social Change
Social Problems

Sandi has had an eclectic background in both education and nonprofit leadership. She utilizes strong and ethical business practice as a means to bring disenfranchised groups into society. She has worked with homeless people, people living with HIV/AIDS, foster children and women in transition. Whether working with students or community members she believes in helping them to find the way through to their goals. She has been in education in both administrative and faculty positions for a number of years. She specializes in working with adult students and embraces the power that education can mean for people in transition. From marketing to nonprofit leadership Sandi brings her experience to bear and enhance the educational experience. As a volunteer, she was one of the forces behind the development and opening of the Ronald McDonald House in Springfield Mass. She is honored to be a part of Goodwin University.
Certificate of Graduate Studies, Bay Path University, Online Teaching
DM, University of Phoenix Online, Organizational Leadership
MBA, Western New England University, Concentration in Health Care
BS, Western New England University, Management
Wainwright Fowler Coaching Institute Certification Professional Life Coach

Honors / Awards
Business Advisory Council Outstanding Ambassador Massachusetts Department of Rehabilitation (Springfield Office 2013)
Career Center Award Springfield College 2005
International Mother of the Year bestowed by International Language Institute (foster parenting) 2001
Volunteer of the Year Northampton YMCA 2000
Areas of Interest / Study / Research
Female leadership experiences, imposter syndrome, leading up!, finding and sustaining meaningful work, Adult education experiences and how to enhance them, job search, Entrepreneurial Thinking
• To be published: “Unmasking the Real You”
• To be published: The Path to Self Discovery”
• To be published: “Four Dirty Little Lies You Tell Yourself”
• Article Natural Nutmeg “Unleashing your Inner Leader” July 2019
• Article Natural Nutmeg “The Battle for Visibility at Work” June 2019
• Blog, Why Women need Graduate Leadership Degrees March 2018
• Blog, MSOL versus MBA March 2018
• Article, Hartford Business Journal “We Need Parachute Packers NOW!” June 2018
Conference Presentations
Art of the Resume (MRC counselors) May and July 2015
Personal Branding for small business Living Local East Longmeadow MA March 2015
Personal Branding Salter College Campus September 2014
Personal Branding Professional Development UMASS MBA students 2011
Society of Actuaries in Search of the Entrepreneurial Actuary Seattle and Phoenix 2007
Writing a Resume that Counts MRC for all counselors 2007 (North Shore Boston)
SEE Conference on Entrepreneurship Babson College 2005
NAACE conferences on Entrepreneurship: Incubation 2003, 2004, 12005
Thumb Education Dare to be Different Day Flint MI 2005 and 2006
Entrepreneurship, Education and Young People, Scibelli Enterprise Center, 2006
"Lessons Learned: Dealing with Failure as an Entrepreneur" Entrepreneurial Summit Bay Path University, 2006
Teaching Philosophy
I believe that the power of education, particularly with adult learners, is appreciating we all come to the classroom with experience and knowledge that we wish to share. The ability to see all participants as wise provides a strong desire to share and it is in the sharing that true learning occurs. It is my responsibility to craft the environment where the learning occurs but not to be the only source of the wisdom. Learning is so much more powerful when all can contribute.

I am an enthusiastic learner and I try to share that enthusiasm for the process of learning as well as the outcomes. I share my time and stories to aid others in telling theirs and crafting the next chapters along the way. I wish to inspire curiosity in all ways as I believe it is in the questions that new directions and potentially more questions awaken our desire to learn and share more.

My deepest belief is in the power of lifelong learning. Education is a powerful tool but it is so important to assist students in achieving the ability to trust themselves, their ideas and be willing to take risks appropriately. I feel education is not just what is contained in the learning outcomes but in the students’ approach to the next class and the next and to their lives as well.

I remain forever grateful that I have the chance to influence and be influenced by each and every student I encounter. What a gift this is be able to call this my calling and my profession.
Giving Back
I have been a foster parent for 14 teenagers
Ronald McDonald House
AIDS Foundation of Western MA
Junior Achievement
help members of my community with job search skills and tools