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Mike Rotondo
Associate Professor
UDL Teaching Fellow
Curriculum Coordinator-Accounting
School of Business/Technology and Advanced Manufacturing
Accounting, Business Administration
(860) 913-2026
Office Location
One Pent Road
Courses Taught
ACC 101 - Principles of Accounting I
ACC210 - Principles of Accounting II
ACC 220 - Managerial Accounting
ACC 235 - Accounting Information Systems
ACC 240 - Intermediate Accounting
ACC 299 - Accounting Capstone
BUS 121 - Personal Finance
BUS 132 - Budgeting & Planning
CAP 110 - Computer Applications
Mike Rotondo is a long-time employee of Goodwin University, While he has taught many different courses, his primary focus is accounting and is known as Goodwin's best accounting joke teller. He became the Curriculum Coordinator of the Accounting program in 2014. Mike was the Assistant Director of the Ann B. Clark Transitions Food Pantry from 2013-2019. Mike is active in his parish and community and is a member of the Institute of Management Accountants, American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers and the Society for American Baseball Research. He can often be found watching the Red Sox or hanging out with his family in Southington.
MBA, University of Hartford
BS (Accounting), Central Connecticut State University
Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Candidate
Passed all exams for Certified Bookkeeper Designation
Intuit QuickBooks Certified User
Microsoft Office User Specialist
MSSC/Nocti Certified Proctor
Honors / Awards
UDL Teaching Fellow (2019)
Areas of Interest / Study / Research
Financial/Management/Cost Accounting
Retirement Accounts/Life Insurance (CT Life & Health Lic. Issued 1988)(now expired).
Teaching Philosophy
The primary consideration in teaching is to continually ask yourself the question, “Are my students learning?” I have taught accounting for many years and have used the “explanation, demonstration, practice” model. In the beginning of an accounting course, especially in lower level classes, a fair amount of explanation is required. Since most students are visual learners, I used the white board extensively. For the auditory learners, I am sure to speak clearly and repeat important terms and concepts several times. As students become more nuanced in the subject, kinesthetic learning becomes appropriate. This is done with the use of technology in the classroom. UDL (Universal Design for Learning) also contains many principles that can be applied to teaching accounting. Using flash cards, presentation software such as Prezi and also individualized student learning plans can help with more effective instruction and enhance student leaning and skill mastery.
The integration of technology into accounting courses is an excellent way to prepare students for “real world” work and is helpful in reinforcing concepts. The use of Blackboard, QuickBooks, Excel and other tools has brought an enhanced interactive approach to accounting education.
I also feel humor is an excellent teaching tool. Used appropriately and properly, it can enhance student learning. Students have told me they look forward to coming to class and that humor can help relieve stress and tension when working on complex topics and problems. Humor also can be used as a mnemonic device. Students can attach humorous comments to principles and concepts to help them learn. Admittedly, the humor must be appropriate and timely.
Are my students learning? How do I answer this question? Assessment is the key. Students are assessed in various ways. Homework, testing, project work and case studies. Depending on course level, these can be integrated appropriately to determine student progress.
We as educators not only bring the subject we are teaching to our students, but also a passion for learning. We hope students keep this passion for a lifetime.
Giving Back
Mike served on the Faculty Senate Executive Committee as the Faculty at Large Member from 2017-2019 and as the Nominating Committee Chair from 2013-2015. Mike also serves on the Academic Affairs Committee, the Syllabus Subcommittee and the College Committee on Assessment.

Mike also serves as a board member for the Connecticut State Police Alumni Association Education Foundation (CSPAAEF) and assists in accounting operations at the Foundation's Store as a volunteer.

Mike is also a member of the Knights of Columbus and served as a board member for the East Hartford Junior Achievement business projects in 2017 and 2018.