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Dana Sheehan
Assistant Professor of English and Communication
School of Applied Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
General Studies
Office Location
247 Riverside Drive
Courses Taught
ENG 099, ENG 101, ENG 102, ENG 103, ENG 225, ENG 300
COM 101, COM 105
Western Connecticut State University M.F.A.
Emerson College B.F.A.
Honors / Awards
UDL Teaching Fellow
Conference Presentations
"Transforming Practice into a Game: A Plus 1 for Fun!" November 8, 2019. Transformation by Design plus 1: The Second Annual Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education Conference, Goodwin University. East Hartford, C.T.
"Podcasts English Composition Style: Turning A Research Assignment Into Your Digital Story" October 17, 2019. Digital Storytelling: 10th Annual National Day on Writing Conference, Goodwin University, East Hartford, C.T.
“Transformational Professional Development in Universal Design for Learning: Reflections on Faculty Practice” May 3, 2018. 50th Annual Meeting of the New England Educational Research Organization, Portsmouth, N.H.
"Memoir as Therapy" October 20, 2016. "PsychFest: Writing as Therapy". National Day on Writing Conference, Goodwin University, East Hartford, CT.
"Learning From My Own Silence In The Classroom" Presented with WCSU Graduate Teaching Assistants and Mentor. April 4, 2014. "Sounding the Silence, Countering Quietism." Ninth Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT.
Teaching Philosophy
I live by a student centered teaching approach where my classroom evolves with the students each semester regardless if it's on ground or on line. I approach every course and every single class knowing what the goals are and finding old and new ways to get to them.